What to Expect When Cruising Phnom Penh to Saigon

Vietnam and Cambodia are linked by the notable Mekong River in Southeast Asia. Both of these countries have quite a few similarities as far as culture is concerned yet have their own distinctive qualities too. Hence, tourists who seek to experience the best of both cultures are recommended to take on cruises from Phnom Penh to Saigon. From the lush landscapes to the well preserved carved temples, and the rich colonial legacy, there is so much history and culture to explore on your visit.
On the first day of the CF Mekong Cruises from Phnom Penh to Saigon, you will board the cruise vessel at the Phnom Penh port. You will be assigned a cabin, which will be pre-selected by you upon booking the cruise. You will be having lunch on the vessel as you slowly navigate through the Chinese Island, also known as Koh Chen. This is a small village wherein the villagers make a living out of silver and copper smiting. In addition, the villagers also make ornamental handicrafts and engraved fruits used for ceremonies. While in the village, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the nearby Pudong and its royal stupas.
The second day of your cruise will take you to Kampong Tralach.  After enjoying a hearty breakfast the cruise vessel, it will anchor at Kampong Tralach where you get to explore the wonderful Vihara. You will pass a stunning stretch of emerald rice paddy before making your way back to the Toum Tiou II. When you go back aboard the vessel to continue on with your cruises from Phnom Penh to Saigon, you will be headed to Kampong Chnang next. This is one of the largest fishing ports in Tonle Sap wherein tourists get to witness its fish farming and pottery industry first-hand. And speaking of Tonle Sap, you will also get to cruise this well-famed lake as part of the cruise route.
For the third and last day of your cruises from Phnom Penh to Saigon, you will be heading to Siem Reap to witness the biggest attraction that Cambodia has to offer: Angkor Wat. This massive temple complex is one of the most well-preserved ancient structures in Asia and the world. The rest of the cruise’s route will vary depending on the season. From July to December, when the water level is high, you can enjoy a stop at Chnok Tru. But during the low water season from January to June, you will get to visit the famed floating villages in Cambodia.   Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong
All cruise passengers will be catered by a transfer vehicle, which is provided by the cruise company to the final destination.
A cruise along the Mekong River is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Southeast Asia through another perspective. If you’re interested, hop on one of the CF Mekong Cruises Phnom Penh Saigon or CF Mekong Cruises Saigon Phnom Penh to see the best of what both countries have to offer. Cruises are available all year round. You can start with a 3-day cruise and you can find out more information here: http://www.cfmekong.com/phnom-penh-siem-reap-3-days.html.

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