Behind those acronyms a technique hides to obtain some spectacular images where light constrasts are softened.

It is necessary to comment that it is essential to start with three shots of the same image, with which we must use a good tripod and make at least three images of the same motif with different exposures.

On this page they explain how to treat them with Photoshop to obtain an HDR image.


Most wallpapers (wallpapers) that we see on the net, at least those that show models, tend to have a touch, in my opinion, very exaggerated, leaving the skin of the model more like the texture of porcelain, that to the same skin.

In the portfolio of Greg Apodaca shows us a very well done work, where he corrects if to reach the exaggeration being in this very natural way, if you do not see the original image we would not know that the photograph had been retouched.


Many times seeing a photo, I happened to like the tones of it, on this page you indicate the direction of a photo and you make a map of the 8 dominant colors.

It is interesting for layout of works and to follow a uniformity.

By the way, the same thing can be done with photoshop in 2 steps:

Image – mode – indexed color – we change the value of 256 by 8
Image – mode – color map

Finally we just have to save and we have a color map ready to use.